Education at first cycle level/ undergraduate

First cycle level/undergraduate ‘Transport and Traffic Engineering‘


First cycle level/ undergraduate ‘Transport and Traffic Engineering‘ sets as  task to prepare specialists with competences in in design and technological (operational/tactical) leadership for mono, multi or intermodal transportation, as well as competences in specialised infrastructures (railway, underground, road, water and air ways) traffic command and control in the perspective of traffic safety, continuity and stability.


The four year Curricula, similar to the ones in Transport Engineering academic studies all over Europe and United States of America lays a good foundation and equilibrium between general academic training and practice, step by step adapted to labour market dynamics. Transport, Traffic and Logistics Department provides to its graduates the main competences, as follows, but not only:

  • Transport management for goods and people
  • Traffic management
  • Integrated logistics systems development and management
  • Operational management for transport and traffic processes
  • Technical, economic and financial assessment of transport systems development projects
  • Transport marketing and competition studies